ATM Cash-in-Transit Security Van Simulator 2018

Get Ready for the great transition in the money transportation

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ATM Cash-in-Transit Security Van Simulator 2018Play Store4.2

Drive Heavy Armored & Guarded Security Mini Truck Full of Cash

Best 3D Bank cash van simulator game with ATMs

Download Security Van Money Transit Simulator 2018 and enjoy one of the best free security duty personnel van simulator games. Time to Perform Some Blood Warming! This game brings you the latest simulator game Real Bank Manager Cash Transport Van Simulator of 2018 in which you have to drive Cash-in-transit van full of currency notes to ATM and Banks. These notes are from the bank also and the local money exchange companies you just have to deliver the cash in minimum time. You have to rush on time because bank and money exchange companies don’t have time customers are waiting too for the cash you have to be crazy cash ATM delivery van driver in order to complete the challenge and in this way your game will not be over. 

Drive with extreme safety to the bank

Give Up the conventional and unsafe ways of The Cash Delivery. Banks need more cash as public needs money for Christmas celebrations, New Year Eve shopping and New Year parties. You need to take up the van security driving challenge to deliver cash money to all the banks and cashiers in the state. You may pass through streets, city or hills to deliver money to any bank. The security team with you is well trained and equipped with modern weapons like guns, rifles and snipers. So you don’t need to fear doing cargo of valuable Cash-in-transit to the bank.

There will be different missions to complete in time. So you need to drive the truck vigilantly fast. Avoid wild and outrageous stunts. Don’t let the thieves steal money from your mega truck or from the ATM in this Security Van Money Transit Simulator 2018. And don’t let the criminals and robbers to snatch or loot money as Bodyguards are already vigilant enough near the ATM.


amazing game and new concept bank security with gun gameplay and controls are also amazing

Ali Shah

Drive heavy armoured gunship van with bodyguards & delivers cash to bank.

Muhammad Suleman

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