Dr.Irma’s Ambulance Rescue Operations 2017

A Cute Hero Nurse is here to save lives of innocent citizen by driving super fast ambulance, drive towards accidents and rescue people, a girl rescue driver is here to save the day…

4.2 stars on Play Store

Dr.Irma’s Ambulance Rescue Operations 2017Play Store4.2

A Cute Nurse on Rescue Operations!!! Help Dr. Irma and her team to Rescue Patients in emergency. 

Drive the patients to the hospital through offroad tracks.

You need to avoid vehicles and opposite side traffic on your way to the hospital. Your duty is to pick up the injured people from emergency and accidental spots and take them to the nearest hospital for medical treatment. There are many rescue missions and you must be in a state of emergency all the time. You need to park the ambulance at parking area for quick rescue. Be safe on the offroad track from the fast incoming traffic and Bingo you will win!! 

Lots of Challenging Rescue Missions to Test Your Driving Skills

Play as a rescue ambulance driver and run into injured patients in need on curvy, treacherous city roads. Drive fast, yet safely, and use reckless driving skills to dish out first aid and treatment. Turn on ambulance sirens and push the throttle to race fast. Speed is what matters the most on this steep and bumpy path. On this fragile task, look out for the hurdles, sharp turns and on-coming traffic cars. Feel the thrill of steering the ambulance through beautiful yet dangerous city environment. Play the most anticipated emergency operations simulator game. Nothing is as stimulating as saving a human life!


Amazing game. loved the controls and gameplay. thumbs up

Arsalan Zahid

Awesome concept and very informative. Excellent simulation in teaching how a rescue mission is conducted.



A more close to Reality Ambulance Simulation Game with a good essence of Rescuing Element.

Ali Ghazanfar

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