Swipe Ball, curve it while in the air, volley over wall & save screamers, all the fun is included in this package of dribbling football gameplay. Football craze is in the air lads. With Football World Cup 2018 almost here, it’s time to get in the game and master the art of football. We bring you the chance of brushing your football skills by playing this football strategy game & a unique flick of this soccer game is all the fun is in the streets. It provides its players with the opportunity to play football in various street environments. ‘Free-Kick Street Football’ serves as a perfect fix for all football addicts out there in London, Manchester & all of England and Europe!

The game is quite literally very smashing. It has many modes to play :-
1. FreeKick Taker / Patently Taker :
You have to swipe the football, targeting it towards the goal post and the player will kick the football in the chosen direction.
2. Goalkeeper / Goalie :
As goalkeeper you defend goal post by kicking, punching or capturing the football, goal keeper won’t let the ball pass into goal.
3. Pole Hit : woodwork score
Like in fustal games, shoot from different distances of filed to goal ratio and hit the pole.
4. Wall Curler
Curl the ball over single and double wall with goalie (gaol keeper) as the last saver.

‘Free-Kick Street Football’ comes with three amazing environments: goal post set in a street decorated with graffiti, a beautiful street in a colorful beach town and a quiet street in a suburban town. Each environment contains a character with particular traits.
Magne aspires to become a pro footballer one day. Every day, after college he practices in his street decorated with graffiti art. Adolpho plays football just for the heck of it. He loves a good day at the beach as much as the next person and he makes the most of it by playing football. Gabriel is a straight-A student who lives in the suburbs. After completing his homework, he passes his time playing football in his quiet suburban street at night.
‘Free-Kick Street Football’ has thirty levels. Difficulty increases with each level as do the hurdles. Try your best to shoot past the hurdles and into the goal post and feel like a champion. Become a superstar of the football gaming world by playing ‘Street Kick Football’. Good Luck and happy playing :).

Salient Features of ‘Free-Kick Street Football’:
. Free football game;
. Three amazing street environments;
. Three completely different characters to choose from
. Difficulty/hurdles increase with each level;
. Thirty fun-filled levels.
. Swipe Control with sensitive to add curves in kicks.
. No Wifi No Problem

Its a free for all game with the inclusion of third party advertising.

we will keep you updated! Just …

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