OffRoad Tunnel Construction Simulator 2018

Get ready to immerse yourself in the Off-Road Tunnel Construction

4.2 stars on Play Store

OffRoad Tunnel Construction Simulator 2018Play Store4.2

Get ready to immerse yourself in the Off-Road Tunnel Construction Simulator world of 2018

Driving Heavy machines on Construction site.

Transfer big lots on construction vehicles, drive Tow Truck and sand excavator to load construction materials and pour concrete in newest automation tunnel making game. The city mayor is willing to expand the wonder city in this uphill off-road construction game. For this purpose he has announced a billion dollars budget in this tunnel driller game. Mayor has assigned you this project of actually the machine world. You are the most famous and liable engineer construction contractor with great automation skills. You will be assigned different tasks. Try to complete every task within given time in this off-road uphill construction game.

Addictive Missions of construction excavation & transportation.

Sit behind the steering and take control of heavy construction vehicles while performing your driving, construction and building duty. Take up challenge of highway tunnel construction project and build a perfect tunnel so that people could drive on busy highway traffic easily through tunnel. You are the new builder so the government has decided to give this mega digging project to you. Show your driving, parking, and excavation handling skills in this Tunnel Highway Build .Excavate sand, transport construction material cargo by handling the heavy excavator and grand trucks on rough terrain of tunnel. 


Construction game I love the idea of drilling as well stone removal by truck is awsum forklifter is also good. I need more games like this thanks

Fazeela Akram

Nice Graphics. A treat to Play!!


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