Rare Animal Protection Sniper Squad Heroes

Rare Animal Protection a new concept game.

5.0 stars on Play Store

Rare Animal Protection Sniper Squad HeroesPlay Store5.0

Return to the wild, hunt and protect wild rare animals across the globe in the world’s greatest Sniper hunting fury experience.

Save the Wildlife rare animals from lions hunting them, from crocodile attacks with stun zooper.

Get ready for real hunting rare safari animals in jungle is the most realistic sniper stun gun shooting game. You are just a hunter, shoot with your sniper stun gun and protect the wildlife rare animal that are endangered from animal that are hunting them. Paralyze and neutralize the safari wild animals with your favourite sniper weapon and control them from killing other rare wild animals. You are a best safari hunter and you are the part of Rare Animal Protection Sniper Squad created by wildlife protection society. Your duty is to neutralize the animals, choose the weapon and get ready for thrilling action. This is not a simple Shooting game it’s a thrilling game, for you as a wildlife protection ranger and a stun gun sniper shooter This is the best chance you got as a sniper shooter to test your sniping shooting skills. A real “Safari Wildlife Animal Protection” action games with real sniper stun gun shooting experience of hunting animals with stunning graphics, realistic sound effects and dazzling environment Animal Hunting in safari.

Be fast and active while taking a sniper shot.

Protect the Island like a real survival sniper super hero and struggle for freedom of wildlife rare animals. Survival land adventures begins with a hard time from lost Island along with wilder tiger. Go for hunting adventure and sedate angry predator hunting for prey or before it attacks and kills any rare animal.

You are equipped with a modern deadly stun gun sniper rifle to hunt the wild beasts roaming around in the safari. Hunt safari animals and protect the rare, unique, special and endangered species of wildlife animals in escape life safeguard missions. Deal with the counter crocodile attacks of these beasts with unique combos. Knockout the lion and raptors before they rampage at safari. Will you like to become a famous big-game safari hunter as well as animal protector that hunts and saves wildlife rare animal?  


Awsome game on animal protection concept and stunting sniper guns


Interesting concept and gameplay, a must play for sure!

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