Road is Lava : High Risk Car Driving Sim

Welcome to a new era of 3D impossible car driving game and do the impossible.

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Road is Lava : High Risk Car Driving SimPlay Store4.2

Road is Lava is a highly challenging & dangerous game to play, calm your nerves down for smooth game play!!

Difficult and incredible ramps.

Welcome to a new era of 3D impossible car driving game and do the impossible. Drive a luxury car on insane narrow roads and get ready for a 3D furious car adventure which is almost impossible to resist. Remember your Legacy of a legend car driver and start your epic track car simulator and Road is Lava. Forget about other parking games and sky high track games and get ready to play real car driving extreme dangerous fast fun apps for a marvellous ride on 3D card. Wear seat belt and put your hands on steering wheels to steer like a pro driver. This volcano Road is Lava: High Risk Car Drive Sim is very difficult game to complete but show your real driving skills and be a crazy driver who can take risks and complete missions in time without any difficulty.

Extreme challenger in the mid of sky lava tracks.

Road on Lava is no ordinary street racing game where driving in easy on asphalt roads its a dangerous track challenge only for epic muscle car driver can handle. so tighten your seat belt and drive in an furious & fast burning fire track.So your goal is simple go as far as possible on the dangerous volcanic impossible track. You will get the rewards for your survival time and there are many other rewards for the stunts you perform during your adventurous journey. As the level increased the difficulty level increases accordingly with much more fun. So get ready for the Floor is Lava theme challenges and claim yourself a car racing simulator pro with your heroics in the game.


This Game has made me think of my childhood game “Floor is Lava”. Loved it. Nice idea


A great Innovation in a impossible track games. Unique idea

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