Scary Clown Criminal from Hell

Most awaited Dark Hell house series of the next door Scary Clown.

4.2 stars on Play Store

Scary Clown Criminal from HellPlay Store4.2

Welcome to your worst nightmare! The future of horrible histories

Mysteries to solve with escape puzzles

Scary Clown Hero is a criminal from underworld. He is a spooky clown sneaking and hiding in his scary house. You have to invade his hell kingdom and sneak onto him. You have to spy on his scary and spooky activities and record everything. It’s a horrible night and you have to break in his house with no chance of escape be brave. Strange things are happening in his house you will have to be careful and take each step with patience to search the whole house. The most awaited Dark Hell house series of the next door scary clown escape conquest begins.

Horror themes but suitable for kids

You play as a normal man who lives in his house. He is constantly watching his creepy annoying town and saw something strange. He is beating his wife. So you decided to find out what going on in crazy extreme conditions. So he choose to enter in the house, but it’s no longer fun. You got a strange escape plan of town, who is absolutely angry. Get inside and hide somewhere find the keys to unlock room find different things to catch the strange creature from hell. He was far more dangerous than you think. Do not get caught in his eyes, or he will grab you and kill you like a mafia gangster from hell. 


Nice game i like horror game muje ye gem achi lagi and thenks so pihu muje ye game dichane ke liye

rakesh patel

Nice. Aappp maja aa gaya

saurabh verma

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