Scary Clown Neighbor: Gangster from Hell

Say Hello to the Strange Neighbor in Scary Town.

4.7 stars on Play Store

Scary Clown Neighbor: Gangster from HellPlay Store4.7

Think Ahead, Stay Vigilant and use your time wisely, Because you really must denounce the crazy neighbor games this time!!

Ultimate Wanted House Survival Simulator

Welcome to your worst neighbor nightmare! The future of horrible histories is here, and you’re in the creepy haunted house! Cruel spooky gangster neighbor are close to possess all the world, so enter the next door and check if he is really a mafia guy from world of hell now and be ready to defend yourself! Survive during several nights being locked at your neighbor’s scary house with Five Nights in Scary Clown Neighbor: Gangster from Hell!

Horror themes but suitable for kids of all ages

Scary Clown Neighbor is a gangster from Hell. He is a spooky clown sneaking and hiding in his scary house. You have to invade his hell kingdom and sneak onto him. You have to spy on his scary and spooky activities and record everything. Its a a strange night and you have to break in his house with no chance of escape be brave. Strange things are happening in his house you will have to be careful and take each step with patients. The most awaited Hell house series of the next door scary clown neighbor begins.


Sick dooed

Pauline Marsden

It’s an awesome game. Loved it.. Excellent work..Keep it up

Saad Jamil Sandhu

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