SuperHero Chained Muscle Cars 2018

SuperHero Chained Muscle Cars 2018

4.0 stars on Play Store

SuperHero Chained Muscle Cars 2018Play Store4.0

Hey Superhero!!! Get in the driving seat there is challenge for you. Chains have been attached to you and your rival’s super hero car. 

Don’t break off the chain in impossible driving!

Get ready for thrilling superhero Chained Cars death race, featuring highly exciting chain breaker challenges in realistic environment. Choose your superhero car with amazing super power. Enjoy endless chain breaking adventure with amazing off road superhero racing cars and crash the rival monster derby using airplane pilot simulator or highly advanced battle simulator. Super Hero Chained cars city racing game allows you to expertly utilize your super hero car, or well-known monster crash derby trucks to use your super power and compete your rival car. The game allow you to drive recklessly and gives to the experience of sprint car racing with drift simulation embedded in super gear chained cars. In this city super hero car racing game, professionally manage your movements on monster muscle car or demolition. Do not let your super hero opponent win this real attack racing adventure.

Chained Car Simulation with drift controller.

There are cars namely superman car, Spiderman car, batman car known as bat mobile, aqua man aqua monster truck, green lantern magic super natural truck, wonder women strength car and many more. Select one of the car and chase the rival and beat him with your supernatural powers and don’t let the chain to break. New era of “Super Hero Chained Cars” has come you have to win or you will explode and get destroyed. Now it’s time to test your ever best driving skills by driving the Chained Cars at the same time. This game is the adventurous and full of car simulation for the players who have passion to drive recklessly and fast thus using super hero chained cars at same time. Now ready yourself for chained cars adventure in unlimited road and leave behind the opponents with chained monster car.


great game with awesome cars and graphics are also very good

Ali Shah

this game is awesome i play this game like all the time great graphics and great gameplay challenging !

Saf Crea

I love new cars ❤❤❤

Habib Qureshi

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